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Katrina Flores, LPC (she/her) 

Licensed Professional Counselor Texas Lic #71686 

 Self-described Heavy Metal Hippie

Lover of books, iced lattes & Amethyst crystals

Collector of long dangly earrings & hair accessories 

Nice to meet you!

Time and time again, like you I have experienced disappointments, betrayals and defeat that killed the fire that lives inside me, inside all of us. I have learned over the years how to sit with it, feel it, experience it and use it to create a beautiful transformation experience that we call alchemy. Your fire is still in there. I live to breathe life back into your spirit so that your fire will ignite again too.


It wasn't until I started implementing a Mind-Body approach in my own path towards managing my mental health that I found some relief, tools and hope to being able to take control of my emotions (and thoughts!) and learn practical and accessible ways to get back to my connected self. I was also able to gain an understanding about how our bodies work and how our nervous system plays such a big part in this process. 

When I’m not in session, you’ll find me being a Momma to two boys, brunchin it up with my husband, blasting some metal while lifting weights and hitting up Home Goods to create cozy spaces in our home. I love reading so much that I typically read one book a week! 

I work hard to ensure that when I show up to session, I have taken measures to work on my own healing, Therapy and wellness so that I can hold space for you as you deserve. 

We operate on a cozy, informal vibe around here so bring your coffee, your snacks and your F-bombs and show up just as you are. No judgements. No stigmas. No shame.

I look forward to connecting with you!

Get ready to rise.

Experience your alchemy.

About Me: About Me

"I leave behind the power given to forces that doused my flame. People, places, memories and heartaches. I pull from you the embers that turn it into meaning. Embracing the shape that I will become as I walk out of the ashes only to create my own version of fire."

Katrina Flores

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