Katrina Flores, LPC (she/her)
Licensed Professional Counselor Texas Lic #71686
200 hour Registered Adaptive Yoga Teacher

Time and time again, like you I have experienced disappointments, betrayals and defeat that killed the fire that lives inside me, inside all of us. I have learned over the years how to sit with it, feel it, experience it and use it to create a beautiful transformation experience that we call alchemy. Your fire is still in there. I live to breathe life back into your spirit so that your fire will ignite again too.

Anxiety & Depression have taken over and prevented me from living my life to the fullest one too many times throughout my years. It's definitely not easy when you have dreams, goals and ambitions or when you have people around you that need and want your love. Both Anxiety and Depression like to come in and take the center stage while your true essence and vitality take a seat.

It wasn't until I started implementing a Mind-Body approach in my own path towards managing my mental health that I found some relief, tools and hope to being able to take control of my emotions (and thoughts!) and learn practical and accessible ways to get back to my connected self. This allows me to now live in the present and experience both myself and my surroundings in a more grounded and authentic way.

Working on ourselves is definitely not linear and my own journey continues to have it's own ongoing dips and twists. But together we will share a space in the therapy room where all judgement and filters are checked at the door. Together we will identify what needs balance in your life, practice spiritual and cognitive tools to help you overcome anxiety inducing and defeating experiences and create an atmosphere where you can evolve, nourish and connect.

Get ready to rise.

Experience your alchemy.



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