Verve: noun- vigor and spirit or enthusiasm; energy, vitality, sparkle, liveliness, vivacity, passion, fire, effervescence.

When The Verve came to be planted in my psyche, in my soul to be delivered to you, I created it around one very distinct passion - To help others rise up from the ashes that were left at the hands of fires. Fires that swept through the spirit, the mind and the body.

Having been through multiple betrayals myself throughout childhood and adulthood, it has become my life’s work to help you overcome, pick up the shattered pieces and find your way back to a place where you can move forward. 

I work to marry the worlds of Mind and Body work, to create a space that's fiercely intentional and to welcome you, the client, into a safe space where you can dive into healing.

My job and my passion is to breathe life back into your spirit so that you may rise back up. So that you may turn your pain into your purpose, find meaning in personal tragedy and use these experiences to reach your full potential.

We are all capable of reaching down deep within us and redefining what happens to us. Recreating us. Transforming.

Becoming shaped by fire. 

Using a Mind-Body approach, together we will awaken the fire within while learning how the body responds to painful and disappointing experiences, all with the intention of bringing you back to your verve.



Along with my Licensure as Counselor, I also hold a 200 Hour Certification in Adaptive Therapeutic Yoga. I am currently extending my training in Ayurvedic Wellness and expect to be certified in December. With this combination of Easter and Western views on mental and emotional health, I am able to bring an Integrative Healing approach to our work together.

 As we work together you will have the opportunity to work with a combination of any of the modalities listed below:


Sound & Energy Healing





Somatic Therapy

Emotional Wellness Design

Chakra Balancing

Ayurvedic Wellness



Is The Verve the right fit for me?

I work with adult individuals and couples located anywhere in Texas. 

At this time I am only offering Telehealth sessions but do expect to be back to offering in person sessions in 2022.

Beginning the therapy process and opening up about personal and vulnerable topics is already uncomfortable for most people. The last thing I ever want clients to worry about is being judged for lifestyle, appearance or anything in between. 

I offer a safe and accepting space for 

  • LGBT / Queer / Non-Binary Individuals and Couples

  • Polyamorous / Open Relationships

The presenting issues I primarily work with include

  • Infidelity/Partner Betrayal

  • Increasing Self-esteem and personal empowerment 

  • Life Transition after the end of a relationship

  • Overall stress management and life balance