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It wasn’t love that I was looking for. I already had copious amounts free flowing from my family.

It wasn’t security. For I had established that on my very own.

It wasn’t completion. I stand true to the belief that we should show up to our relationships already WHOLE so that we do not depend on someone else to fill a void.

It wasn’t safety. My God had already proven to me that with Him, I could withstand even the most dangerous of storms.

What I was looking for was growth. Expansion. Acceptance. Someone to evolve with and break free of lives already lived and habits already played out.

You’ve given me the jumping board to grow and expand within my career and in my business. Your support fuels the vehicle in which I drive towards my dreams.

You’ve given me space to expand. To explore all there is to learn and deep meaningful conversations that brighten my spiritual enlightenment day after day.

You’ve given me challenges. Conflict and pain that was necessary for us to grow as individuals and ultimately as a unit. Without a fire we would not have been able to rebuild the new life we both craved.

You’ve given me the gift of evolution. A lifestyle that for the first time made it safe to shed the skin of alcohol coated coping patterns, inducing the most beautiful re-birth that is now my spiritual practice.

You made me a Mother. An experience I was determined to have. He is the most amazing spirit and both of our energies all wrapped up in one.

I promise to lean IN, stay soft and nurture our home. I promise to show up, to play hard and to listen louder. With these words, I proclaim, I AM. I WILL. I DO.

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